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S. Mahler: violin, viola, cello, bass

Experience the potential of a handmade instrument with the S. Mahler model.

Instrument description

Our S. Mahler violin, viola, cello or bass package takes the musician to a whole new level. Most of the instrument making process involves handwork at the manufacturer’s workshop. These instruments are made with European tonewood and techniques. The Mahler line (F. Mahler is next) is the transition just before completely handmade instruments with the maker’s actual name label. This is obvious when you pick up the instrument and experience its lightweight body and hear its mature tone.

Who is it for?

S. Mahler instruments are for leaders of school and community orchestra sections, and private lesson students. They are the first level instruments that are appropriate for a college audition. Compare the S. Mahler to other popular instrument packages.

Sizes Available

Full size only and adults

Where did it come from?

Purchased from our supplier in the Northeast US. Since no violins are manufactured in the US, our suppliers import from Asia or Europe.


Setup is work done in our shop to improve an instrument’s ease of play and to improve it’s built in tone.

Here is what we do on your S. Mahler:

You will receive a full Professional Setup, including consultation with consideration for your personal preferences in playability and tone.

Included with the S. Mahler models:

  • Instrument with our workshop professional, custom setup
  • P4 Pernambuco bow handcrafted in Brazil which is considered the best source for bows today.
  • Case: C-200 Rectangle case for space w/ Ultimate. Cello, Fiberglass case. Bass comes with standard canvas gig bag.

Personalize your S. Mahler with an Upgrade

Although we feel we have assembled price and performance-level-appropriate instrument packages, you may wish to customize your outfit to meet your personal intentions. Here are a few suggestions for personalizing your new S. Mahler instrument:

  • Bow upgrade: There is a wide range of professional bows available to match your personal performance needs. Your upgraded bow may be added to your monthly payment plan or discounted with instrument outright purchase.
  • Case upgrade: There is a wide range of cases available that we can order if not in stock. Your upgraded case may be added to your monthly payment plan or discounted with instrument outright purchase.

Special Pricing Incentives:

Visit our special savings page to view current deals.

A Valuable Investment

This instrument will maintain up to 100% trade-in value when you upgrade to most instrument packages. Visit the instrument comparison page for information about several other popular instrument packages.

We care for and maintain your instrument

Every instrument from Jim Clinton Violins is kept in top playing condition with a scheduled cleaning and adjustment service every six months. Your instrument won’t be holding up your class while your teacher has to fix a broken string.

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