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Vitorio Torelli: violin, viola, cello, bass

Instrument description

This package is designed to meet the need of a musician desiring good sound and the right feel for learning left hand shifting technique (2nd year school orchestra technique). This package still meets most budget requirements. Since the fingerboard will be correctly cambered at Jim Clinton Violins’ workshop, this instrument is a great choice for the beginning, energetic musician who wishes to learn accurate shifting. Therefore the Vitorio Torelli violin, viola, cello, or bass will meet the need of an orchestra student for 2-3 years, handily helping a diligent player win good orchestra seat positions.

Who is it for?

The beginner with a future will benefit most from the Vitorio Torelli package. Compare the Vitorio Torelli to other popular packages.

Sizes Available

Available in most sizes for age 3 through adult.

Where did it come from?

Purchased from our supplier in the Midwest US. Since no violins are manufactured in the US, our suppliers import from Asia or Europe.


A setup is work done in our shop to improve an instrument’s ease of play and to improve it’s built in tone.

Here is what we do on your Vitorio Torelli:

The Vitorio Torelli includes everything on the V E Torelli PLUS these improvements:

  1. JCViolins Signature “Hypertune-1” Setup per following items
  2. Bridge: re-carve OEM bridge to improve resonance and tone
  3. Fingerboard: recamber (with a plane) to improve pitch accuracy, clarity, and to aid with learning accurate “shifting” technique
  4. Nut: remove nut to access fingerboard procedure (#3), reinstall nut, refit, reshape, and regroove it
  5. Soundpost: remove OEM soundpost, craft and fit a new soundpost based on your instrument’s individual tonal inclination.
  6. Peg Service: lapfit tuning pegs for more dependable operation and stability,

Included with your Vitorio Torelli model:

  • Instrument with our workshop setup
  • Bow: a better than rental grade fiberglass bow, black with ebony frog (not plastic).
  • Case: an arrow shaped, thermoplastic hard shell protective carrying case. Cello & bass comes with standard canvas gig bag.

Personalize your Vitorio Torelli with an upgrade

Although we feel we have assembled price and performance-level-appropriate instrument packages, you may wish to customize your outfit to meet your personal intentions. Here are a few suggestions for personalizing your new Vitorio Torelli instrument:

  • Strings: Selecting European professional grade strings will easily improve your tone. We carry several brands that cost approximately $60 (violin price).
  • Bow upgrade: An even better performing bow will compliment your V E Torelli instrument. We suggest upgrading to a select hardwood bow, or an entry level carbon fiber bow. Add $30 to $70 (violin prices).
  • Case upgrade:Carry your instrument in style and have space for your accessories with an “oblong” (rectangular shaped) case. Select from a variety of shapes, colors, and materials to make you look good and provide a comfortable home for your new instrument. Your case selection may be added to your monthly payment plan or discounted with instrument outright purchase. To enjoy style and function we suggest the protective, lightweight “Pedi” brand rectangular violin/viola case or a fiberglass cello case.
  • Pegs upgrade: Improve the OEM pegs by utilizing our E-Z Tune Peg System: This technique for fitting your tuning pegs minimizes the effects of humidity changes on the stability and ease of tuning with your pegs. Choosing E-Z Tune Pegs may be added to your monthly payment plan or discounted with instrument outright purchase.

Special Pricing Incentives

Visit our special savings page to view current deals.

A Valuable Investment

This instrument will maintain up to 100% trade-in value when you upgrade to most instrument packages. Visit the instrument comparison page for information about several other popular instrument packages.

We care for and maintain your instrument

Every instrument from Jim Clinton Violins is kept in top playing condition with a scheduled cleaning and adjustment service every six months. Your instrument won’t be holding up your class while your teacher has to fix a broken string.

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