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We will be closed Saturday since our repairman / instrument setup technician, Alex Jones will be married to Hannah Bingham: Saturday 5/11/13. All of us at Jim Clinton Violins wish you a blessed day, Hannah and Alex. May you find fulfillment in following Christ together and happiness as you share your lives. ~ Jim, Kim and your friends at Jim Clinton Violins

Thank you veterans, for protecting our country and our freedom. Since you have served us, we continue to have freedom to speak, to live in peace, work where we choose, enjoy our families, and above all worship our Creator and Savior. The United States of America may be imperfect, but it is still the greatest place to return after any venture abroad.

a Prayer:

Our Father,  help us to live our personal lives such that You would be pleased to continue blessing Your gift to us, this country. Despite our imperfection, may others see in our lives, the blessing of trusting Christ and finding inner peace.