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St. Patty’s Treasure Hunt Sale! How-to, One Day Only! March, 13, 2014

One Day Only


St. Patty’s Treasure Hunt Sale!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Four Days before St. Patrick’s Day



Jim Clinton Violins is having a celebratory sale?

We are having up to 21%, plus $100 off list price sale. One Day Only, four days before St. Patrick’s Day. Thursday, March 13, 2014.


If you wait till St. Patrick’s Day, you will miss this sale!


Jim Clinton Violins, is having a celebratory, treasure hunt sale on the 13th of March. Why is their celebratory sale on the 13th? And not Saint Patrick’s Day?

This is their 13th year.

So press the blue button above to see what you can do to receive up to 21% discount, plus $100 off almost everything, including special orders at Jim Clinton Violins.


How many days will this sale last?

This is a one day only sale. You must be here on Thursday, March 13, 2014 to get these huge discounts on Violins, Violas, Celli, and Basses.


What is on sale?

Any instrument and bow that we own, and that is in our shop, is discounted up to 21% plus up to $100 off. Violins, Violas, Celli, Basses and bows. Special Orders made and paid on that day are included in this sale!


How do I get my biggest discount?

Follow the 4 treasure hunt tips below to help you achieve the greatest discount possible for your next violin, viola, cello, bass, and/or bow. Perform more tips and get greater discounts on your instrument and bow. Then combine the discounts you have selected to apply to your instrument and bow.


#1 Tip: “Wearing-of-the-Green”

Knock 7% off the list price at Jim Clinton Violins. The first tip is “Wearing-of-the-Green”. This will remove 7% from the price of your item(s) on the 13th. Don’t forget, wearing-of-the-green, gives you 7% off. You will need to look rather green when you arrive at Jim Clinton Violins to receive this discount 😉 For those of us who know about Protestant Orange, come on in looking very orange. But, we will not allow fighting over discounts here at Jim Clinton Violins. Read the following tips to increase even further, your discount.


#2 Tip: Why did St. Patrick use a 3-leaf shamrock?

Now, here you are, you have come to Jim Clinton Violins on the 13th of March, and for 7% discount, you are “wearing-of-the-green”, but there is one problem. You don’t think 7% is enough discount. Well, you may deduct 7% more while doing this little tip. Get out the books and do some research. St. Patrick used a 3-leaf shamrock in a very special way to educate the spiritually unlearned. Bring your total discount to 14% by being prepared to tell your assistant at Jim Clinton Violins what lesson St. Patrick taught, with each of the 3 leaves on his shamrock. Read on for even deeper discounts.


#3 Tip: Find a shamrock on select items at Jim Clinton Violins

You are wearing-of-the-green. You are an expert on the spiritual significance of the 3 leaf shamrock, but 14% is still not enough discount to make you a happy little leprechaun. Well, try this simple tip. When you come to Jim Clinton Violins, on Thursday, the 13th of March, you will find some items bearing, or wearing a green shamrock. These items receive 7% discount, so now you have 21% off your item. Surely, this is enough discount, but if this is not good enough, read the next tip for your biggest discount possible.


#4 Tip: Drawing box full of shamrocks for cash discounts

Do you mean to tell me. Those guys at Jim Clinton Violins got you out of your bed, and off of your couch, and there you are, on the 13th of March. You have found the perfect viola, but the discount is not enough. Well, here is how to get the really big discount on your violin: Select a shamrock from the drawing box at Jim Clinton Violins, and see what it tells you. Does it say, $20, $40, or $100? You will receive one of these cash discounts on your bass and bow purchase combined with your other discounts, when you select your personal shamrock at Jim Clinton Violins. That means up to 21% discount, plus up to $100 off your cello and bow.


What if they don’t have it?? Special orders make it perfect with full discounts.

Do you mean to tell me that those guys at Jim Clinton Violins got you out of your bed, took you away from your television, and there you are on the 13th of March looking at something you don’t even like? Mr. Scrollivarius will have a word with that Jim Clinton guy, and will see to it that he orders exactly what you need, and gives you the full discount you deserve, and that he charges you absolutely zero for the shipping!


Still have a question? or feedback?

Ok then, go straight to the top of this page and push the button that says, contact. Now, you will have to do a little type type type, and the guy on the other end will have to go type type type, and after a couple days of type type type, you will be filled with entirely too much fluff, and you won’t be able to resist visiting on the 13th of the month for this really huge and unprecedented sale. As an outsider, Mr. Scrollivarius’ suggestion is: “Do not allow too much fluff into that head of yours!”


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Antonio Scrollivarius introduces the Treasure Hunt Sale!



One Day Only


St. Patty’s Treasure Hunt Sale!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Four Days before St. Patrick’s Day


Violins, Violas, Celli, Basses, bows…..



Jim Clinton Violins


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