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Practice on Vacation?  No Way!


Most people with school aged children probably do not put a lot of thought into the coming school year during their summer vacation. Kids certainly have more pressing matters, swimming, baseball, riding bikes and other fun activities.

Don’t Fall Behind

However, if you take 2 months off from practicing your instrument, whether it is a violin, viola, cello or bass, chances are you will not be prepared for orchestra in the fall. Rehearsals will likely be a tough road for a time as you work to get back into the swing of things.

Your instrument will have missed all your attention and may even need maintenance before beginning the new school year. But, of course, you wouldn’t know. You have not even looked at your instrument all summer long. Right?

Stay On Track

Stay in touch. Stay in tune, even if you only squeeze in an hour or so practice each week between all your fun activities. Some things are like riding a bike when you’ve been away and never seem to skip a beat. Playing an instrument is not one of those things.

Get Ahead

Speak with your strings teacher before vacation begins. Ask for some tips on what to practice over the summer. Maybe there is an area where you had some difficulty and there simply was not adequate time to give it proper attention. This would be a great way to approach these areas in a more casual and relaxed way.

Mom and Dad, help keep your students engaged with their music over the summer. If they do not take private lessons, Maybe this would be a good time to start. If you live in the greater Greenville area and need help finding a quality instructor, give us a call and we will help point you in a good direction.

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Have Fun
Keep it light. Keep it casual. There’s plenty of time for burgers, Bach, baseball and the beach. Have fun and avoid the struggle of starting over again when autumn comes and the new orchestral season begins.

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