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Why Jim Clinton Violins may be the solution for my new stringed instrument needs.

“A Passion for Instruments” energizes the operations at Jim Clinton Violins

Whether selecting the best quality instrument in its price class, preparing and adjusting that instrument to a player’s specific needs, restoring an elderly violin, or simply helping a musician find the best equipment for performing a moving concerto, we have a Passion for Instruments. This passion is a resource available to the musician who is busy pursuing his or her musical dreams.

Experience your own Passion for Instruments when you:

  1. Play a quality-selected instrument purchased from American Suppliers.
  2. Learn with greater ease.
  3. Select an E-Z Start plan that allows me time to decide my musical future.
  4. Experience the instrument “Setup”: while playing a Custom prepared instrument that meets my personal playing needs.
  5. Smaller Business = Bigger Value: Take a pleasant ride and visit Jim Clinton Violins. It’s nearby, it’s friendly, and it’s a comfortable environment for selecting my instrument.
  6. Your instrument investment benefits you educationally AND financially.

1- Play a quality-selected instrument purchased from American Suppliers.
We purchase quality instruments from American Suppliers as a matter of principle. They help us find your instrument and it will be at least 3 grades above beginner-rental grade. This is our entry-level instrument. Neither you nor your instrument becomes a big retailer statistic at Jim Clinton Violins. Once your instrument arrives, we inspect it for excellence in tonewood, appearance, craftsmanship and sound. Inferior instruments are unacceptable.  Once we perform our signature Custom Setup on your instrument (see #4), you’ll receive a carefully selected, prepared, and personalized instrument, deluxe protective hardshell oblong case (violin, viola, even cello), carbon fiber bow, with professional grade rosin as standard equipment.

Many high school orchestra students have successfully used this custom outfit through their senior year without requiring a quality upgrade.

2- Learn with greater ease.
Playing an instrument that has better tone, and is easier to play, encourages musical growing.
Your first instrument from Jim Clinton Violins is an “Advancing Player” instrument.

For your first 2-3 years, we recommend our “Vitorio Torelli or GianCarlo Torelli” brands in place of a beginner or student grade instrument. A player intent on learning will experience greater productivity while practicing “ear-brain-hand” coordination skills.
A student will advance quickly using these instruments and will benefit from the added advantage of training one’s ear for quality tone discernment, left hand for pitch accuracy as well as vibrato technique, and right hand development for proper bowing technique and feel.

Problems associated with selecting a budget priced beginner/rental grade instrument:
1)   The foundational startup phase of learning is inhibited
Choosing to temporarily play a beginner/rental grade instrument while the student “proves” himself inhibits the seminal stage of learning with long term negative results.

2)   Frustration using inferior equipment may cause premature “quitting”.
Starting up with a beginner grade instrument increases the probability that a player will give up in frustration citing difficulty with left hand playability, right hand weight or balance at the bow, and undesirable sound. The frustrated musician may not even know why, but continuing will seem too much of a chore.

3)   Unlearning bad technique is counterproductive.
Let’s say a player continues playing a rental grade instrument, then after a couple years, upgrades to a better one. The musician is faced with unlearning bad technique while adapting to improved equipment. Every instrument change requires some adaptation but should not require unlearning bad technique.

4)   Poor ear training can be educationally and financially costly.
It is a fact that while selecting one’s upgrade instrument, a player often gravitates toward a similar tone and feel that he/she has grown accustomed to. Another inferior instrument is purchased. A weak financial investment occurs. Nominal growth continues.

A musician should always select an instrument that reaches toward his/her goals. Selecting one based on current playing status inhibits growth.
Choosing a Vitorio Torelli or GianCarlo Torelli or better instrument from Jim Clinton Violins that is professionally setup to my individual needs can provide a lifetime of satisfying learning fulfillment. (see #4),(see also a description of our custom instrument setup)

3- Select an E-Z Start plan that allows me time to decide my musical future.
Most musicians fit into one of three categories. Listed first are the features & benefits common to all three plans. Listed below are the range and availability of options that may benefit you most based on your circumstances.

Shared Benefits of all three plans:
•Pick a monthly rate and down payment that matches my budget*
•Full Coverage and Accident Coverage are available for your instrument.
•E-Z Switch to any other instrument type, any time (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)
•1 month, 2 yrs, or 10 yrs, you can stay in the plan until you’ve upgraded your instrument to any level you choose, all the way up to professional grade.
•0% interest eliminates pressure associated with payment deadlines (See #6).
•100% of my equity transfers to my next size or quality upgrade.
• Discount incentive when I payoff my balance
•100% full value trade-in option when upgrading in size or quality
•Painless opt-out. No further obligation when instrument is returned in very good condition.
•1 year warranty/strings/maintenance coverage is free at payoff
• Cleaning & Adjustment Service is performed every 6 months to keep the instrument in top playing condition.
•Instrument is professionally setup, includes upgraded oblong case, upgraded carbon fiber bow, and professional grade rosin (bass includes same setup, bow, rosin with a gig bag case)
•E-Z convert to any other plan: 1) Purchase with discount, 2) Select a lower monthly rate plan*, or 3) Return instrument painlessly.

* Select a low monthly rate with a higher down payment or a low down payment with a higher monthly rate. Pick from several choices. Transfer to different rates at any time.

Differences and suggestions of the three plans:

Note:  The best time to start a program is during the back to school period of the month of August and the first two weeks of September when there is a 20% discount off of the regularly marked price.  There are additional incentives for payment in full at the time of purchase.

-Purchase now with a discount – I’m committed to playing for years to come:
Suggestion! Purchase now to receive the best discount available. This removes the monthly payment and gives you the most bang for your buck.
•100% full value trade-in option when upgrading in size or quality
•Free 1 year warranty/strings/maintenance coverage from time of purchase
•Continuing Cleaning & Adjustment Service plans are available after the sale.

-Monthly Payment Plan – I wish to pay off my instrument over time.
Suggestion! Select a lower monthly / higher down-payment plan
•Receive a flexible, value added payment plan with long term benefits (see list of Shared Benefits above.)
•See comparison chart for price and value offered (#6)

-Trial Period Plan – I want a short -term trial period to decide my future:
Suggestion! Select a lower down-payment / higher monthly plan to minimize cost during the trial period. Then switch to a lower monthly rate when you decide to continue.
•Short term trial period, Try for at least one month, then return it if you like.

4- Experience the instrument “Setup”: I’ll be playing a Custom prepared instrument that meets my personal playing needs.

Setup Defined: Put simply, a setup is work performed on an instrument in order to make it easier to play and easier to produce desired tone, power and response. It is value, added to an instrument that assists the musician with his craft. Instrument, musician, and setup  interact, creating an enhanced musical experience.

All new instruments require (and to some degree) already have what we call the setup.

Setup at JCV summarized: Our setup is performed in house, usually after the instrument has been selected and just before you take it home. It is a custom shoe-fitting based on your needs and those suggested by us or your instructor if she/he is involved. No worries here. We can perform a standard setup based on a few simple questions that we ask when you come in to order your instrument. The 14 step setup

Most Setups: Not all, in fact rather few instruments receive a thorough setup preparation. Even fully handmade instruments do not have this work done expertly. Isn’t a luthier (instrument maker) an expert at making instruments sound great? Yes! However, keep in mind that a highly productive violinmaker averages one completed violin per month. So a full-time violinmaker performs only 12 setups in a year. At our shop we may perform complete custom setups on 75 to 100 instruments in a year’s time. That’s 7-9 times the hands on experience that a “famous” violinmaker has communicating with a musician and drawing the best tone possible from even his own creations.

“Since we neither consider ourselves to be big box retailers nor violin makers, we can focus on providing a thorough setup, to the musicians advantage.

A recent incident occurred wherein several instruments were in a violin store. All were well made instruments by a notable violinmaker. Three recognized players were test playing the instruments. Unwittingly, all three selected one as the best instrument. The selected instrument was the only one professionally prepared by a workshop experienced in finding and drawing out tone and carrying power. The setup gives the extra edge to tone and makes the instrument easier to play.

Click here to see a description of the Jim Clinton Violins custom 14 step instrument setup.

5- Smaller Business = Bigger Value: Take a pleasant ride and visit Jim Clinton Violins. It’s nearby, it’s friendly, and it’s a comfortable environment for selecting your instrument. It’s nice here and we vacuum frequently……

As Regards Quality
Because we have chosen to stay small and pursue our passion for instruments, you benefit from the extra time, effort and personal investment we are willing to spend on your behalf whether you are selecting a college level violin, a chinrest for more comfort, or seeking help deciding which strings are best for you.

We also try harder to provide an appealing instrument purchase plan with multiple benefits. Our musicians are more likely to keep playing their instrument for many years and we design our products and services to meet their needs effectively.


Monthly Lease Plan

  • Small string instruments – 60% of lease payments may apply towards the purchase of a full-size instrument
  • Full size new or used string instruments – 100% of up to 24 months’ lease payments may apply towards purchase of a student or step-up instrument
  • First month’s payment is due at beginning of contract
  • If lease payments are current, the instrument can be returned at any time with no further obligation
  • If you decide to purchase a leased instrument, you may do so at any time for a discounted price
  • Lease outfit includes instrument, bow, case, rosin
  • Maintenance and limited warranty available
  • Lease payments must be current for the maintenance warranty to be in effect

A Friendly Environment
We make effort to provide an environment where the visitor can relax, share their musical concerns, and smile. We usually have some music playing and try to keep the place decorated nicely. Our staff listens to your questions with an effort to find a pleasant solution to your needs. We really like our clients and believe that they are some of the greatest people in the world.

Our Goal is your instrument care and support. We have a passion for instruments.

Emergency care line for after hours help: During the school year, we have an emergency care line that you may call and leave a message. You will usually receive a call back within an hour. We have rescued a number of friends who would have otherwise missed a performance due to broken strings, endpins, and bows. Just call our number and receive the emergency number at the end of our answering message.

Walk-in problem solving: We still accept walk-ins. If you have a broken string or a slipping peg, we usually can work on it while you wait. During peak season or when it’s busy you my need to wait a while or if it is more convenient, leave it to pick up later. Major restoration?…..well you might have to wait a little longer for that one.

As to Convenient location
Location, Location, Location: We might be tricky to find the first time but you will not get lost in city traffic on the way here. By avoiding a “main street” location, we keep costs down so your money goes toward purchasing a better instrument not paying for premium real estate. We’re proud of our location and our interior setup. Come by often, we’re always shuffling things around.

6- Selecting an instrument from Jim Clinton Violins is an investment that benefits you educationally AND financially.

Save $320.00 when you choose an instrument payment plan at JCV
-Many music stores in the area give only 60% equity with their rental plans.
-On a rental grade violin valued at $800.00 you lose $320.00. Calculate your loss with this formula: .4 X the list price of the instrument.
-100% of your payment goes toward your instruments from day one through upgrading as many times as you wish. NO LIMITATIONS
-Some claim “100% of up to 24 months . . . may apply toward purchase” on full size, then require you to payoff, lose all paid after 24 months, or lose all.

0% interest
-We don’t believe in charging usury, therefore you benefit when you choose one of our payment plans.

Purchase now during the Back-To-School Program, August through early September, and receive the largest discount.  See this year’s promotional sale {link to our postcard ad}  Our passion for instruments is also our passion for service. This is your way of knowing that we will provide the best instrument at the best price for you.

Call today 864-322-2622

Print this application and email or bring it when you come to pick up your instrument. Please call to notify us and allow approximately 24 hours that we may prepare your instrument for you.

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